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Henna – Balouch henna

Place of cultivation of henna

Delgan city, located in the west of Sistan and Baluchestan province, is the second largest producer of henna in the country.

Delgan to the center of Golmorti city consists of a combination of the central part to the center of Golmorti city consisting of Gonbad Alavi, Delgan and Houdian villages and the Hashem plain to the center of Chagard village consisting of Chah Hashem and Chah Ali plains villages.

Baloch henna is the product of Baloch farmers in this region.

Makran Baloch henna agro-industry company is building for the first time, with the help of farmers and indigenous people of Delgan region in Sistan and Baluchestan province, to process the product so that the production and processing chain is complete in the province.

Properties of henna

Henna is one of the traditional medicinal plants that has been very popular among Iranians. The medicinal properties of henna are innumerable and interesting.

One of the medicinal plants that has been used for a long time in our country is henna, which despite its advances in the pharmaceutical industry, still maintains its position among the people and the use of the properties of henna has a special place among the people.

Henna, both topically and orally, has been mentioned many times in the books of traditional medicine of Iran and China, and several uses have been mentioned for it, including the treatment of leprosy, jaundice, kidney stones, scabies, etc. Among the properties of henna plant in modern medicine, we can mention its antifungal, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and sun protection properties. These cases have been proven as properties of henna and henna has been able to maintain its position as a medicinal plant. Some of the properties of henna plant are very interesting and amazing.

1. Properties of henna for the skin: One of the most important properties of henna is protection against infection. Henna can help the body defend itself more strongly against infection, which helps to eliminate harmful bacteria from your skin. This is one of the most important properties of henna for the skin. These bacteria cause some infections in the body that are produced in different ways, and treating your skin regularly with henna and using these properties of henna has a great effect on removing bacteria.

2. Liver disorders: Another property of henna in the treatment of liver disorders. Henna is considered quite useful as a herbal medicine, so henna skin is effective in treating liver enlargement and jaundice.

3. Properties of henna leaves: To cure eczema, mix henna leaf powder with peach leaves and use it as a poultice.

4. Properties of henna root: Tree root decoction is used to treat vaginal gonorrhea.

5. Properties of henna to relieve pain: Henna can reduce the inflammation that leads to pain, you can use henna as a weak analgesic in the affected areas of your skin. If you do not have allergies or do not want to use any kind of medicine, be sure to use henna and the properties of henna, and in addition, henna is a natural substance that has a special advantage.

6. Elimination of mouth pimples: One of the properties of henna is the removal of mouth pimples. To get rid of pimples, taste henna decoction and get good results.

7. Prevent moth infestation: One of the properties of henna is that you prevent moth infestation by placing henna flowers or leaves on the side of your clothes.

8. Various properties of henna: Decoction of henna leaves is used as a gargle to remove tooth cocoons. In internal use, it is prescribed to reduce stomach pain after childbirth and also to relieve hoarseness. Another property of henna is that it is very effective in removing bad breath.

9. Headache henna: One of the properties of henna is that by applying henna poultice with vinegar on the forehead, your headache will be cured.

10. Properties of henna for eyesight: Applying henna poultice on the head will strengthen eyesight. This is one of the most interesting benefits of henna.

11. Different properties of henna: One of the properties of henna is that its gargle with brewed water and its leaves are useful for mouth ulcers. Eating two grams of it or eating soaked in water 50 grams is beneficial for jaundice, spleen, kidney stones, bladder and difficulty urinating. The properties of henna have a good effect on the growth of the main nail instead of the crooked nail.

12. Properties of henna and sexual power: Henna soles the soles of the feet to soften the soles of the feet and eliminate bad foot odor and strengthen sexual power.

13. Cooling the skin: Henna and the properties of henna have a great effect on cooling your skin, which is caused by affecting the body’s blood circulation. If you suffer from hot spots or cramps in certain areas of your body, you can use this property of henna to improve it.

But henna can not alleviate your worries about this issue and if your skin condition is hot, see a doctor to carefully improve your whole problem.

14. Properties of henna and treatment of diarrhea: Other properties of henna are the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery.

15. Properties of henna and skin: Elimination of fungal diseases of the skin is another medicinal property of henna.

16. Properties of henna and dandruff: Prevention and treatment of pruritus ani and dandruff is another property of henna.

17. Rheumatism and properties of henna: Reducing rheumatic pain is one of the healing properties of henna.

18. Properties of henna for hair: Elimination of excess hair fat is one of the properties of henna.

19. Properties of henna for hair: Henna makes hair thick, strong and soft. This property of henna can be very effective in having healthy hair.

20. Properties of henna for hair: Enhances hair growth and prevents hair loss are the properties of henna.

21. Properties of henna for transpiration: Preventing excessive sweating is another property of henna.