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Benefits of using henna for hair – Balouch henna
Benefits of using henna for hair
6 September, 2020 0

The properties of henna for hair are truly amazing. If you thought henna could only be used to color and lighten your hair brown or light, you need to change your mindset. This simple plant has many uses, each of which gives you a healthy scalp and strong hair, and is very useful for the general health of your body.

Henna is a plant that has many fans in the Middle East and South Asia. In most cases, henna is used to dye the hair and gives a very beautiful reddish brown color to dark hair. However, many people are not aware of its properties in treating hair loss and improving hair growth. The reason henna is effective in hair growth is that it mixes with natural proteins in the hair, thus stimulating hair growth. In addition, regular use of henna makes hair healthier and stronger.

Henna is a natural treatment against hair loss and maintaining healthy hair. It treats hair cuticles and thus is effective in improving the health of hair roots, which prevents the breakage of hair strands and maintains hair shine. Henna also balances the pH of the scalp to prevent premature hair loss. It cures many scalp problems such as dandruff and dryness. In addition, it eliminates the effects of pollution on the hair and excessive dryness due to the use of a hair dryer. Finally, note that henna prevents premature graying of hair.

Henna for hair loss

The combination of henna powder and mustard oil is an excellent treatment for hair loss.

Boil 250 ml of mustard oil.

– Add some henna leaves to it and let it boil again.

– Use this oil to massage your hair and scalp 2-3 times a week.

– Consume all the oil in one month.

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